If you love having fun in the swimming pool, you are probably wondering if you can do tricks and what kind of stunts you can pull. Vorgee’s team is here to tell you that there are many tricks you can do, but also what it takes to do them.

Safety First

You should make sure you are not alone, that way someone is there to help in case anything goes wrong. This is especially true for our youngest readers, regardless of how good a swimmer you are, you should always be supervised when learning new tricks.

Use the Right Gear

Some tricks are better done when you have the right gear such as goggles, fins, or even nose plugs. Although you could do them without these items, it will always be better and safer to have your gear at hand.

Can Amateurs Do Tricks?

If you are only starting to get interested in swimming and want to have some fun with tricks in the swimming pool, there are quite a few simple tricks you can do. Just remember the safety measures to avoid hurting yourself.

The Tricks We Suggest

For our readers that want a few ideas for tricks they can do, here are some examples that every swimmer will enjoy learning.

The Tumble Turn

If you aim at becoming a professional swimmer, perfecting this trick is a definite must, as it will allow you to switch directions underwater while doing your laps. But even for swimmers competing against each other for fun, the tumble turn is a wonderful way to win the race.

Underwater Handstand

This is a great one for kids and adults looking to have some swimming pool fun, but it is easier done with nose plugs. It is considerably easier than doing a handstand out of the water and it also helps you increase your lungs’ capacity.

Supreme Somersault

If you are a beginner at swimming, trying the underwater summersault in a shallow pool will provide hours of fun and help you get used to maneuvering while submerged. Having your goggles and nose plugs might make it easier for you.

Everyone can do tricks in the swimming pool, regardless of the amount of expertise they have. Whether you are an amateur or professional, doing tricks underwater will make the experience more fun. However, follow the safety rules to avoid accidents.

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Fun in the Pool – Can You Do Tricks?