Our Website - Our Website

Our website is all about swimming and the retailers that sell the gear to equip all swimmers, from swimsuits and caps to floaties and swimming boards.

Our Founder

James M. Frederiks is a U.S Secret Service special agent with a passion for swimming that he has had since he was little. He founded this website because he felt that retailers who sold him his gear needed a hand in determining how to best please their customers.

Although the topic did well at the beginning, James quickly realized that swimmers needed advice as well. It was then that he decided to expand his reach by including helpful information for swimmers of all kinds and preferences.

Our Team’s Creation

In his job, James had learned just how useful it was to have a team of individuals with different skills and perspectives on how to solve issues efficiently. Thus it was natural for him to reach out to us, the professionals he knew would help him upload the most accurate information and helpful advice for his readers.

Our Goals

As goals are the key to success, we discussed our goals from the get-go and it wasn’t hard to reach an agreement. We aim at educating both swimmers and retailers about what it takes to enjoy this activity to the fullest with safety and increased awareness of what can be done in the water.

We are committed to offering only accurate information that we have tried and tested ourselves, to help our readers achieve the best possible results. Vorgee’s team is constantly nurtured by our readers’ feedback, resolving their queries and sharing the resulting solutions openly on the website.

If you own a swimming gear shop or just love swimming around, we encourage you to come to Vorgee for advice and information that will help you make the most of either.